Waterlust specializes in activewear made from recycled, post-consumer plastic bottles and discarded fishing nets. Their designs are inspired by their passion in marine science.





Waterlust’s founder is a Marine Physicist and Ocean Engineer by training who stumbled into starting a business. While getting his PhD at the University of Miami, he recognized a need for better science communication that brought the general public together with researchers. The first idea was to do this by making little online films that told the stories behind marine science, and later it evolved into clothing. As a brand, Waterlust focuses on creative ways to communicate marine science and conservation topics and get people engaged.

Waterlust started in late 2011, yet its early years were focused entirely on creating media. As the project developed and the audience grew, Waterlust started screen printing T shirts and making other items. It was not until 2014 that the people behind it realized that clothing offered an incredibly unique opportunity for environmental advocacy and science communication. Waterlust calls its strategy “advocate apparel”, with the idea that a piece of clothing could be a conversation starter and empower its wearer to advocate for the topic it represented. Additionally, the company could then donate a portion of profits from the clothing sales to researchers that are actually in the field, putting in the hard work. A few months later Waterlust made its first pair of leggings made from recycled post-consumer bottles and Waterlust as a clothing brand was born. Since then, its apparel work has steadily grown and is now the primary focus of the company. Waterlust donates tens of thousands of dollars annually and has a passionate, engaged, intelligent and hard-working customer base that advocate for evidence-based decision making in environmental conservation.


Waterlust’s process is focused on a few fundamental principles. The first is that it is primarily trying to bring people together with science and the researchers that conduct it. The products that the brand makes and the people that it collaborates with are centered around that ultimate goal. Waterlust recognizes that as a business it has a responsibility to minimize its negative impacts on the environment and it spend most efforts in developing solutions to achieve that. Whether using entirely recycled materials, developing closed-loop apparel solutions, or finding manufacturing approaches that minimize impacts like carbon emissions or water waste…Waterlust is always on the hunt for better and better solutions that can improve the apparel industry.