Uncle May designs minimalist, timeless pieces ensuring the highest quality, comfort and longevity of their garments


Uncle May is an independent clothing label designed in Melbourne, Australia inspired by overfilled wardrobes and nothing-to-wear moments. The label believes in a no fuss, minimalist approach to design and encourages simplicity in our lives and the way we dress.  Uncle May’s pieces are designed to be worn throughout the seasons.

The fabrics are the main focus of Uncle May’s designs. The label uses only the best fabrics, with unique textures and characteristics that feel amazing to wear. Uncle May works directly with the suppliers to ensure the highest quality, guaranteeing comfort and longevity in the life of every piece.

The other important focus as a brand is the wearability and versatility of its garments. Uncle May’s aim is to design pieces that are timeless, encouraging the community to choose pieces that last over fast fashion.

Uncle May believes that the industry needs a shake up and it is encouraging smart purchasing of clothing. The brand also donates a percentage of sales to support critical work with children, families and communities in Cambodia.