The Fabric Social is a conscious clothing label whose producers are women facing conflict, displacement and other insecurity in India


The Fabric Social makes sure that everything the label does is environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly. That means everything from its sustainable fabrics, low-waste patterns and non-toxic dyes pay respect to the environment around us. Woven with care by expert artisans, The Fabric Social’s silks and cottons are created on traditional handlooms in Northeast India. Handloomed fabrics are what makes every item of clothing special. From cocoon to closet, the practice revives local supply chains, and maintains traditional practices that make textiles a passion rather than just a product. Each meter of fabric has a history and identity; each imperfection is unique.

Fashion does not have to equal exploitation – that’s why The Fabric Social partners directly with the women who make its clothes. The company doesn’t have employees, it creates direct partnerships that mean the women that work with the brand have access to fair working conditions that are environmentally friendly and free from slave labor.

One of the special things about creating its fabric is getting to know the producers and creating tangible impact in the communities where the label works. The artisans who create the beautiful fabrics and garments are paid fairly for their work. That means your dollar is only funding projects that make a difference – you’re never paying for fast fashion. The producers work from community workspaces. Garment production is a truly collective task, and each producer is part of a group that works together to manage all the details from setting up the loom to spinning bobbins of yarn. Producers set their own work hours, decide how much fabric they want to weave, and set their own price for every meter they create. And working in a cooperative means they access the benefits of the group, which they couldn’t access if they went it alone.