Starseeds specializes in activewear and yoga apparel made from natural, organic and innovative fabrics such as recycled coffee grounds.




Starseeds was launched in 2014 following an eye-opening trip around Asia, where the founders were exposed to various harsh realities faced by those living in less fortunate areas. More importantly, they witnessed how choices have the power to affect others living elsewhere around the world. They left their former dream of working in the mainstream fashion industry for this ethical project.

To create the most feel-good yoga, fitness and leisure gear Starseeds selects only ultra-soft and sustainable jersey fabrics, including: organic cotton, bamboo, ramie or recycled blends to create their ‘urban-to-workout’ pieces. Starseeds looks at the whole package – so even its clothing tags are woven from silky-touch bamboo tape, the handtags made from recycled, plantable paper and the gift bags manufactured from a unique blend of recycled paper and almond shells.

To ensure that its supply chain is purely ethical, Starseeds has found production studios based in Eastern Europe and Portugal, which are regularly visited to oversee working conditions.

Each piece originates as a sketch in its London studio before being made up and tested by professional yoga practitioners in pretty much every pose you can think of!