Olas specializes in high performance leggings made from recycled plastic bottles inspired by the ocean, the universe and nature. Olas means ‘waves’ in Spanish.





It all began in her college days when Claire designed an eco-friendly brand named Logical. She had fun designing biodegradable shoe boxes and shoe soles out of recycled tires, yet she had no idea of logistics and getting the company off the ground. She then went on to design shoes, bags and surf clothing for some reputable brands and managed a design team. After 10 years of professional design experience, Claire was ready to start her or own project. Frustrated with the environmental harms from the fashion industry and being an ocean enthusiast aware of plastic pollution, she researched into recycled fabrics to create a product that met her standards. She wanted to add momentum to the consumer mindset of reducing, reusing and recycling.


Being aware of the importance of recycling plastic Claire researched into recycled fabric suppliers, attending textile fairs and talking to industry contacts. She searched for the best recycled polyester fabric supplier in Italy. They turn a problem into a solution by converting plastic bottles into a high performance fabric. They adhere to high standards of sustainability in water use and greenhouse gas emissions and have a proven track record in reducing their environmental impact.

It was very important the leggings were cut and sewn in fair working environments, Claire had experienced factories in the Far East where workers were exhausted trying to keep up with the demand of the fast fashion world. She wanted the leggings to be made locally in England and she was able to get in touch an old acquaintance who heads up a sewing house. They made some great samples and the rest is history! Recycled plastic fabric from Italy that is printed, cut and sewn in England.