OHMat specializes in beautifully designed, organic and sustainable yoga mats.





Dreaming away behind her desk Debbie realized she was not living the life she was born for. So she burst out of her comfort zone, sold the car and took off. Years before, living in an ashram in India she felt one day her path would lead her to a Yoga teacher training, to deepen her love for the Yoga philosophy. Yoga was always more than a way to work-out for Debbie. It was a way to connect, to love, to honor and to find the foundation and stability to open up the heart to all the beauty in life. But India wasn’t home, Debbie was drawn to Bali.

So after finishing Yoga teacher training in Bali, Debbie was called to teach Yoga at the meditation temple of Hindu Priestess Nik Starr in Ubud which led her to a Balinese ceremony with High Priest Manku Made. This is where she had her first vision of designing colorful printed Yoga mats, with deeply rooted spiritual designs to give the foundation to connect even more. And so OHMat was born.


Every piece is hand drawn by Debbie before being turned into a graphic design. The designs aim to infuse us with colorful and vibrant reflections of our true nature. OHMat uses mainly a couple materials, its PU Natural Rubber and Micro-fibre Toplayer.

The PU Natural Rubber yoga mat is a good choice for an Eco-friendly and durable yoga mat. It’s eco-friendly, non-toxic, PVC free, odor-less and recyclable. 

 The absorbent soft micro-fibre toplayer is 100% biodegradable natural rubber. It is printed using eco friendly water based ink. Also it is free from latex, silicone and toxic glue.