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Our society on sustainable and responsible practices

Our vision is for responsible and mindful fashion to be the norm not the exception. We aim to inspire consumers, manufacturers, governments and technology specialists so that apparel production becomes ethical, sustainable and more natural by standard.  

Our mission is to elevate the consciousness of our community while promoting designers, brands and products that are more sustainable, responsible and ethical.

At Mode Revolution we are committed to leaving a meaningful print on our planet and our society. We serve as a platform to connect mindful consumers with labels of responsibly-made apparel and gear.  Our goal is to raise awareness in the community through different initiatives including our online marketplace, local and international events, industry partnerships, cross-industry collaborations, blog articles and social media.

“Every day I feel more convinced that all beings and objects are formed of energy, an energy that is present and transferred through different interactions. The same applies to the clothes that we use. We should feel good knowing that the apparel that we wear was produced responsibly, ethically and causing minimal damage to our environment, not to mention to our own health. We should aim to live in harmony with the rest of humanity and with our ecosystem.”  Cindy  – Founder of Mode Revolution