Our purpose is to make responsible and mindful fashion the norm not the exception. We aim to inspire consumers, businesses, governments and technology experts so that apparel production becomes ethical, sustainable and more natural by standard. We believe that fashion as an art, and as a means of expression has the potential of using this amazing power to leave a positive print in our world.

Our goal is to elevate the consciousness of our society by promoting mindful designers, brands and products, as well as by creating inspirational opportunities for our community. 

At Mode Revolution we are deeply committed to leaving a meaningful print on our planet and our society. We believe it is possible to live in a healthy world where we are all in harmony with others and with our environment. Our aim is to reshape the way people shop, to get them to ask questions on how their clothes were made, who made them, which materials were used and if any harmful chemicals were used in the process. 

We are a curated multi-label shop of carefully selected beautiful pieces crafted under ethical and sustainable guidelines while maintaining the style and aesthetics of contemporary design. We serve as a platform to connect mindful consumers with conscious designers and labels. We want shoppers to make informed decisions on their purchases, while adding stylish quality pieces to their closets.

“Because of personal life experiences every day I feel more convinced that the energy that is present in all beings and objects is transmitted through different interactions, and for me this also applies to the clothes that we use. We should feel good knowing that the apparel that we wear was produced responsibly, that the people making it were treated fairly and that the materials used are causing minimal or no damage to our environment, not to mention to our own health. We should all make our best attempt to live in harmony with the rest of humanity and with our ecosystem.”  Cindy  – Founder of Mode Revolution