Mode Revolution is a curated fashion retailer for conscious labels that focus on impacting communities from a social and environmental standpoint. We carefully select stylish, quality pieces that are not only beautiful but also tell a story of the materials and the people behind the product. When possible, most of the materials used are sustainable, natural or recycled.  The production process is ethical and working conditions are fair for the people behind the scenes. Our own MODE REVOLUTION capsule collections are designed to inspire humanity to be more mindful of our choices and actions. Our designs express how much our planet needs us to transition into a more sustainable and caring way of living .

Our intention is to inspire people to make changes in their lifestyle towards becoming more loving and conscious citizens of our planet. A massive shift is well over due, yet we want to meet each revolutionnaire where they are at in this transition, free of judgement and expectations. 

We believe fashion as an art and as a means of expression can spark people to take steps into a more mindful and meaningful way of living. The clothes we wear can serve as conversation starters on many of the important topics that affect humanity. The story on how a garment is made can shed light o a number of issues that we should be addressing such as fair labor, climate change and animal cruelty. 

Our goal is to revolutionize the apparel industry by turning conscious fashion into the norm not the exception. We aim to inspire consumers, businesses, governments and technology experts so that apparel production becomes ethical, sustainable and more natural by standard.

We believe that energy is present in all beings and objects and it is transmitted through all interactions. This also applies to the clothes that we use. We should feel good knowing that the apparel that we wear was produced responsibly, that the people making it were treated fairly and that the materials used are causing minimal or no damage to our environment, not to mention to our own health. Shoppers deserve to know how their clothes were made, who made them, which materials were used and if any harmful chemicals were used in the process.

This planet is our home and we should treat it with love and respect, even more the people living in it.

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