It is you, it is me, it is everyone who wants to live on a better world. A #Revolutionnaire is ready to make changes in their lifestyle, small or big, to help our planet and humanity.


This is our hashtag, our philosophy, our way of thinking and acting. At MODE we really believe that demanding, expecting, informing people about sustainability are not necessarily the most effective methods to achieve results. We believe in sparking people’s interest, making them think, feel and inspiring them to make a change from within, a real change. A massive change is well over due in our society, yet we want to meet each #Revolutionnaire where they are at in this transformational process towards more sustainable living, free of judgements and prejudice.

MODE Social

Once a month Team MODE dedicates the time to go out and engage with our community in our beautiful city of Miami. It is a day for us to bond as a team and to host informal discussions on different topics or initiatives related to our purpose.  This includes visits to conscious local businesses, beach clean-ups, or happy hours at a Miami hot spot. The goal in doing a MODE Social is to learn, to stimulate others AND OURSELVES, and ultimately to raise awareness on the topic of sustainability. A MODE Social is the perfect opportunity to #InspireChange in a more fun and casual setting.

MODE Series

During a MODE Social we film our own miniseries! The MODE Series are short clips that summarize what we lived that day.