milo+nicki is a cruelty-free, ethically-designed sustainable womenswear line by women for women


milo+nicki is the first and only brand in the world to create an entire capsule made of banana waste

The Bandhani Collection, also known as the ultimate vacay capsule consists of 10-pieces that can be reversed, mixed, and matched to create over 25 looks, and ultimately, a suitcase full of all the pieces needed for a perfect vacation. The capsule is biodegradable, sustainable, ethical, fair-trade, vegan, zero-waste, and cruelty-free. 

Everything created by milo+nicki is a true labor of love for culture, tradition, people, planet and animals. Each piece is made of custom handwoven fabric that is hand-tied by an all women team in India, hand-dyed with plant-based indigo and madder root, and handmade in NYC.

The brand hopes to make transparency a norm, dialogue to be free, and ethicality and equality to be a standard in the fashion industry. From fruit waste to final product, the pieces are made to last for generations to come in style and quality. milo+nicki believes that women can do it all so why can’t the clothes they wear?

milo+nicki has been featured in Vogue Magazine, Not Just A Label, Darling Magazine, and Trend Prive Magazine to name a few.

Photo Credits: Drew McGill and Kestrel Jenkins of Falcon Related