MALAIKA designs luxe-quality, contemporary pieces crafted with the purpose of eliminating detrimental environmental impacts



Malaika New York was founded on Earth Day of April 2016, MALAIKA’s garments are designed and handmade in New York with a deliberate, two-fold purpose. Purpose for the wearer and purpose for the environment. The brand aims to eliminate environmental detriments by utilizing minimal or zero waste patterns while maximizing wearability by producing a luxe-quality, contemporary line that remain in style now and in the future. For each item sold, a tree is planted for The Canopy Project. MALAIKA furthers sustainability efforts by integrating up-cycled materials like plastics and regenerated fabrics.

Everything is produced locally in New York to maintain quality and standards, but also to support the US garment industry. MALAIKA strives to be sustainable by minimizing waste, and recycling fabrics/plastics back into our designs. To further minimize waste, our collection is made with simplified or zero waste patterns – giving each design a distinct purpose.

The entirety of MALAIKA’s collection is genderless and androgynous. Producing a collection free from constraints of gendered pieces helps further a more sustainable wardrobe so less waste is created on pieces specifically made for a gender. The label’s designs are inclusive to all.