Lifegist creates positive and conscious fashion, to make women feel good and look beautiful by designing timeless, bold pieces with love and care for our planet.


Lifegist’s proposal traces a path of meaning and guides us to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. The brand focuses on the meaning of existence, with a fresh and dynamic spirituality that helps us discover, how to act and how to live, in a better world, a more balanced society, and aware of the need for sustainable change so that our reflections, decisions and actions always seek an end in benefit of the planet.

This adventure started in 2013, with the illusion and the firm intention to create ecological and contemporary fashion. At one point in her life, the founder and soul of the brand became aware of everything that was behind a garment and wanted to bet on a new way of doing things. The Lifegist brand starts from a dream, from the desire to create and build thinking about the common good.

Beauty and responsibility can not only go hand in hand, Lifegist believes they should do it and that is its intention: to create positive fashion, it feels good and makes you feel good, comfortable, attractive and satisfied, inside and out.  Lifegist is one of the pioneers of sustainable fashion for women in Madrid, innovating in the use of low environmental impact textiles.

 “The more we advance, the more we reflect who we really are and more need we have to be coherent with our interior. The real luxury is in believing in what you wear. We believe in a change, we create that change ” Mayte Garcia

Good design, ecological materials, small scale, local production and social responsibility are Lifegist’s main values, as a brand. The timelessness of its sensitive garments, with an artisan soul, alive and versatile, that are manifested in two great universes and that can be mixed in multiple combinations to create personal looks. Essentials: comfortable, simple garments that last over time; the concept of basic garment but always very careful about each detail. Capsule Collections: the most creative side, garments of studied lines and exquisite patterns, suggestive fabrics that invite the senses, attractive shapes that express the taste for the special and different.

Lifegist has transformed Spanish sustainable fashion into something contemporary, accessible and desirable. The brand designs and produces high quality pieces with a style that is timeless and cuts that are sober yet unique, with eco design. Lifegist is worried about the visible and the invisible.