Letter from Founder

Can you connect to the feeling, when reading or watching the news, that many of these issues are unrelated to you? That you can’t really do anything about them or that they don’t affect you. Growing up, this is mostly how I felt about a lot of the social and environmental problems. I perceived them as being separate from me, as if they were outside my reach. I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela where recycling wasn’t a “thing”.   Regardless, I always saw myself as a kind person, a good human being. I valued living a balanced and healthy life, spending time with my family and friends, having a notable career, feeling and looking good, and overall being happy.

More recently in my life, I entered this amazing journey of mindfulness and self-awareness that opened up a whole new world. I started to become more conscious of myself, of my actions and their consequences. I started to realize that everything is interconnected, that the universe is one and I was not separate from these issues I read about on social media, in a book or a news article.

As part of this journey, I started to learn about sustainability and getting very intrigued on this topic. Something that seemed to complicated was in reality so simple: we should work towards a way of life where we are not using up the resources of tomorrow to live today. I started to realize of the harm we are causing to our planet, our home, and to other human beings. Suddenly it became very obvious to me that we are shooting ourselves in the foot. I realized I want to be part of a world filled with love and harmony, and it all had to start with me. I could not expect others to change if I didn’t, so I started to commit towards realistic changes in my lifestyle.

During this ongoing learning process, I also encountered a lot of judgement and expectations, which almost discouraged me altogether despite my commitment to this cause. It is then when I realized that demanding, expecting, informing people about sustainability are not necessarily the most effective methods to achieve results. I thought it would be more effective to spark people’s interest, making them think, feel and inspiring them to make a change from within, a real change. This is how MODE REVOLUTION was born. It is not about the right answers; it is about asking the questions.

It became my desire and intention to meet everyone, including myself, where we are at, not to judge us but to inspire us. For those who believe in karma, what goes around comes around. If we treat our planet and other people with love and fairness, we will receive love back. If we abuse and exploit our resources, sooner or later it will come back around. I personally have not changed every aspect of my life, on contrary. What I can say is that my life is now more fulfilling than ever and that I aim to keep growing every day towards this direction. My purpose is for others to feel the same joy and satisfaction from their own personal growth in becoming more conscious human beings.