Kusaga specializes in high-performance sports apparel made from plant-based sustainable fabrics. Its unique fabrics have remarkable breathability and durability, and use a fraction of the water of cotton and polyester.





For Kusaga Athletic co-founders Matt Ashcroft and Graham Ross, two Australian television executives living in Singapore, the original concept for the company can be traced back to 2010 and the Great Wall of China, when they ran the Great Wall Marathon together. That experience changed set in motion a series of events that had them questioning their own personal direction and also the future of the planet.

The company’s values stem from the desire to find simple ways to help mitigate climate change. As athletes who use the world as their outdoor gym, the co-founders went back to basics. Kusaga Athletic is a pioneer in this space developing plant-based material for use in the manufacturing of clothing – specifically high performance sports apparel for people who have one eye on the environment and one eye on the road ahead.


In the realization that it takes 3000 liters of water (the equivalent of around eighty full bathtubs) to make a regular cotton t-shirt, Kusaga set about creating the Greenest Tee on the planet. Kusaga developed a t-shirt that uses less than 1% of the water needed for a cotton tee.

The Greenest Tee is soft like cotton and cool like linen. It’s highly breathable, stretchy and sits on your body without sagging. It is low maintenance and odour free, so all you have to do is wear it!