Glase designs limited edition, ethical pieces with high quality materials all made in France


Glase is an independent French label of ethical fashion founded in 2018. It Is inspired by nature, by its recurrent patterns or by its arbitrary rhythm. This means that the brand specializes in the creation of shapes, of traces open to interpretation.

The materials are carefully selected in artisan workshops or couture houses. Everything is made in France, specifically in Paris and its surroundings, eager to preserve the French know-how.

Prioritizing the functionality and the quality of the materials, the brand leaves its mark by allowing it to express itself. It creates personal and narrative pieces.

Glase’s upcycling studio consists mainly of scrap fabrics, vintage clothing, linens or accessories.

Morgane Cassin the founder of the label acquired textile design and fashion experience especially during her time at L’ESAA Duperré. This allowed her to deepen her personal universe, engaged in the research of innovative surfaces and textures worthy of daydreaming and reflection.

Glase’s garments are based the following values: preservation of the environment, unique design, handmade, limited edition.

In its most recent “collab”, the label collaborated with other artists like Sixtine Legrand (photographer), Louise Loctin (makeup artist), Daraeditorial (stylist), Ariane Ducasse (model). The exchange and sharing of high quality, beautiful products is also part of what Glase embodies.

“Demand that they are made to last”