Cecile Swim focuses on designing ethically-sourced, quality, durable pieces that can be worn time and time again


Based in Perth, Western Australia, and ethically sourced and handmade in Indonesia, Cecile Swim designs support slow fashion and are inspired by the idea that loved clothes last. Cecile is actively involved in the community by making it one of their core missions to empower #cecilesisters and to promote self-love by encouraging women to adore the body they are in.

Cecile Swim produces limited quantities, supporting low production runs and quality pieces so that tailors are able to work in an environment in which they feel comfortable in. The Founder, Charlotte, makes visits to the Cecile Swim factory to guarantee transparency, fair wages and to ensure that rights are met for all workers.  Manufacturing also happens with sustainability in mind by minimizing offcuts when making patterns and are passionately involved in cleaning up our oceans. All swim pieces come in a reusable bag to reduce the use of single-use plastics.