BYEM combines aesthetics with ethics in every design, addressing the wardrobe needs of the modern woman


BYEM was born out of the desire to unite the fine features a timeless personal style with ethics and sustainability, to create clothing that’s sustainably tailored to the modern woman. Simply, garments that can transcend times and trends and simplify your wardrobe choices.

The label’s goal is to reimagine the wardrobe needs of the modern woman. Influenced by a Scandinavian heritage and a global consciousness, BYEM’s style and fit is unique in its Scandinavian femininity, a mix of minimalism with bolder shapes and textures to compliment. Its collections aim to reinvent classic pieces so that every woman can step out in style with details that keep the eye intrigued.

For BYEM aesthetics and ethics go hand in hand, in every design, the label aims to minimize its environmental impact and maximize its ethical impact. BYEM wants to help curate a personal style in the fast paced fashion world of today. For every one of us to embrace fashion with curiosity and intention.

All of the label’s consciously curated collections are made limited edition. That means that all of the pieces are made in one batch and then never return in the same color or textile.