You know we're all about simple conscious habits and about shedding light on topics that we don’t often think about. Specially during these quarantine days and nights, I know a lot of us are spending many hours wearing sleepwear and loungewear. I really want for all of you to have sweet, healthy dreams and therefore to make you aware of the fact that commonly available sleepwear can contain enough toxic chemicals to cause permanent damage to our wellbeing and to the environment.

Some of these chemicals include azo-dyes which governments like the EU have started banning, azo-dyes have been linked to cancer. Also, formaldehyde which helps to keep clothes free of wrinkles and stains, which has been linked to asthma and cancer. Some of the substances found are also linked to skin conditions such as dermatitis, allergic reactions and irritation, as well as hormonal and reproductive issues. You can go into more details reading this investigation led by Greenpeace International. These chemicals are harmful to our health, to the health of the people involved in the production process, the health of animals and the health of our environment.

Being comfortable with our sleep routine is essential for our mental and physical well-being. Wouldn’t you sleep better knowing your sleepwear was made fairly, from sustainable materials and without those ugly chemicals? I can tell you I do. I won’t say I’ve discarded all of my old sleepwear but as I told you before, I started to listen to my body and I won’t wear anything that doesn’t feel good on my skin, so I try to opt for natural and sustainable fibers. This also applies to my bedsheets fyi...

After some research and friendly introductions, I came across a sleepwear brand which I love and feel comfortable with. I’ve added it to our online store, you can find it on this link. The sleepwear is designed and produced by an incredible Miami-based brand called Half Asleep whose sleepwear is made with you and the planet in mind. The sleepwear is so chic and the fabric feels great on the skin. The dyes are plant-based and non-toxic. The fabric is somewhat wrinkly which reassures me of fact that it doesn’t have those harmful chemicals that make clothes wrinkle-free. I’ve had to break a lot of stigmas in my process of living more consciously and this includes my obsession to have everything be so perfect, so “synthetic”. Every day I learn to see imperfections as genuine, natural and even MORE beautiful.

If you are not convinced by now, here are a some of the main benefits of opting for this super cute, ethical and eco-friendly sleepwear:

1. It’s good FOR you and ON you.

    Besides everything I mentioned about the health effects of certain chemicals, this sleepwear is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

    TENCEL™ Modal fibers “offer textiles a long-lasting quality of exquisite softness. Due to the fiber’s sleek cross section, TENCEL™ Modal fibers enhance the soft touch of fabrics even after repeated washing. Measurements and hand evaluations of softness show that TENCEL™ Modal fibers feel twice as soft as cotton. The softness of TENCEL™ Modal fibers lasts longer and is able to withstand repeated wash and dry cycles compared to cotton”.

    Trust me, this sleepwear is soft, comfortable and breathable. It has a delightful cool feel to it.

    2. It’s better for the planet.

    Everything from the fabric, dyes and packaging is made with the consideration of our environment.

    TENCEL™ Modal fibers “are extracted from naturally grown beech wood by an environmentally responsible integrated pulp-to-fiber process, which is self-sufficient in energy and recovers co-products from component parts of the wood”.

    The dyes are plant-based and don’t contain harmful toxins which besides affecting our health, affect the health of our mother Earth.

    The sleepwear will come in eco-friendly packaging made from compostable, recycled or recyclable materials.

    3. It’s better for workers.

    This sleepwear is made without the use of unethical practices – such as child labor – and it is not made in a sweatshop. The people who made your garment were treated fairly. Workers received fair wages and were provided with healthy and comfortable working conditions.

    This is something that I really care about when adding a brand to our platform and to my closet.

    4. It’s driven using remarkable values

    For a product to be sustainable and ethical, time and effort need to be spent on it. This is why designers and brands who create sustainable, ethical clothing are driven by a desire to make a positive change within the world.

    When you choose sleepwear that holds green and socially-conscious values you’re casting a vote.

    5. It's better quality.

    Finally, the quality of this sleepwear which I carefully selected far surpasses the quality of sleepwear made from synthetic fibers. – just touch the fabric and see for yourself.

    Half asleep is silky- soft and ultra-comfy, meaning that wearing it feels like hugging a cloud. The sleepwear is also thermal regulating, so it’s perfect for both chilly evenings and hot summer nights.

    Better quality also means it's more durable.

    This sleepwear is just what dreams are made of.

    If you have any questions or comments to add about conscious sleepwear feel free to reach out to us at any time!


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