MODE Concepts 101


We at Team MODE are revolting! Step by step we are taking initiatives to inspire positive change in our community. We want you to join us on this journey, and to do that we want to introduce you to a few concepts that are part of the MODE family.


It is you, it is me, it is everyone who wants to live in a better world. A #Revolutionnaire is ready to make changes in their lifestyle, small or big, to help our planet and humanity.


This is our hashtag, our philosophy, our way of thinking and acting. At MODE we really believe that demanding, expecting, informing people about sustainability are not necessarily the most effective methods to achieve results. We believe in sparking people’s interest, making them think, feel and inspiring them to make a change from within, a real change. A massive change is well over due in our society, yet we want to meet each #Revolutionnaire where they are at in this transformational process towards more sustainable living, free of judgements and prejudice.

MODE Social

Once a month Team MODE dedicates the time to go out and engage with our community in our beautiful city of Miami. It is a day for us to bond as a team and to host informal discussions on different topics or initiatives related to our purpose.  This includes visits to conscious local businesses, beach clean-ups, or happy hours at a Miami hot spot. The goal in doing a MODE Social is to learn, to stimulate others AND OURSELVES, and ultimately to raise awareness on the topic of sustainability. A MODE Social is the perfect opportunity to #InspireChange in a more fun and casual setting.

MODE Series

During a MODE Social we film our own miniseries! The MODE Series are short clips that summarize what we lived that day. – Stay tuned (wink, wink).

The Beginning – First Edition

In starting our team effort to make an impact in the world. We want to attract and discover various places in our community to begin a journey that involves you, our #Revolutionaries, us Team MODE, and our wonderful Miami. During the first MODE Social we visited two business located in Miami Beach, Under The Mango Tree and 1 Hotel.

Under The Mango Tree

Our experience in Under The Mango Tree became a very pleasant one right when we entered, the place has great vibes. The ambiance is bohemian-chic and very peaceful, cozy. With the earthy tones and a tree smack in the middle, it made us all feel warm, welcome, and joyful. Under The Mango Tree uses paper straws and offers a mostly vegan menu. They are proponents of a zero-waste lifestyle and offer better pricing when you bring your own cup or bowl!

1 Hotel South Beach

Let me just start of by saying WOW. Immediately, Team Mode’s mouth’s dropped. We were all

astonished by how stunning this place is. The minimal and grand details made our visit so much more exciting than expected. We associated the 1 Hotel to our MODE aesthetic. It is exactly

what we want to bring to the table in terms of fashion, combining sustainability with beautiful contemporary looks. The overall feel of the hotel and what they stand for made us really happy.

As said by their CEO & Chairman Barry Sternlicht “I wanted to capture the beauty of nature in a hotel and commit to safeguarding it as best I can, a responsibility that I believe we all share. Its 1 world. But 1 is more than a hotel – it’s a philosophy and a platform for change.”

Revolutionnaires, you know we stand for consciousness and sustainability. The 1 Hotel shares our philosophy and so many of our values. Just look below at their Sustainability Key Stones:

Environmental Impact: Energy binds everything and everyone, but we also need it to keep the lights on. We have implemented a wide range of energy, WATER, and environmental design strategies to keep our footprint small.

Advocacy, Education & Engagement: We look to spark conversations about the environment and our role in protecting it. We do this through organized volunteer activities and paid volunteer days for our teams, advocacy and educational initiatives like our partnerships with organizations such as the NRDC.

Human Health & Wellbeing: From air and water filtration systems, so biophilic design principles and the use of natural materials throughout our spaces, we place health and wellness at the center of design, construction, facilities and operations decisions.

Resiliency & Ongoing Performance Improvement: We are a platform for change. Sometimes this requires us to put our neck out a little further and try something new, and we encourage our guests to be part of this change too. Through initiatives like our plastic reduction program and electric car activations, we continue to find ways to evolve.

Food & Beverage Responsibility: We believe that all food should be good, clean and fair; delicious and nutritious food is a right; natural resources should be protected for future generations; people and the environment depend on one another; and the dignity of labor from field to fork should be fought for.

Thank you Note

We thank a million the people and companies that make efforts, small or big, to help our planet.

And to our Revolutionnaires, keep on revolting!

By: Nicole Castillo


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