While growing up I lived the opposite of what can be considered a “sustainable” or eco-conscious life. These were not exactly core values in my home or in my school, or maybe I just did not care enough. I always thought of myself as a good person. I enjoyed living a balanced and healthy life, spending time with family and friends, getting good grades and a good job, taking care of myself. Overall I cared about being happy.

More recently in my life, because of different experiences, I entered a journey of mindfulness and self-awareness that opened up a whole new universe to me. I started to become more conscious of myself, of my actions and their consequences. I started to realize that everyone, everything is interconnected, and I'm not isolated from the social and environmental issues affecting us. It became clear to me that if we treat people and our planet with love and respect, we’d receive love back. If we abuse and exploit our resources, sooner or later it will come back around.

I began to learn about sustainability and getting intrigued about this topic. Something that seemed to complicated was in reality so simple: we should work towards a way of life where we are not hurting other people or our planet. I started to realize of the harm we are causing to our natural resources and to other human beings. This really affected me, and it also made me wonder how I had not seen this before. I realized that if I wanted to see a change in the world I had to start with me. 

During this transition, I felt very overwhelmed and quite judged, there were a lot of expectations on how I was supposed to live, eat, consume (or not consume). This discouraged me altogether, so i decided to take a step back and commit to more realistic changes. I eventually realized I wanted to buy mostly from fashion brands that were more conscious. That process became very time consuming, given the brands were smaller and you had to buy different products from different sites/people. This is when I thought of creating a multi-brand platform for sustainable and ethical labels. 

It’s my desire and intention to meet everyone, including myself, where we’re at, not to judge us but to inspire us. I personally have not changed every aspect of my life, it's been gradual. What I can say is that my life is now more fulfilling than ever and that I aim to keep growing every day towards this direction. My purpose is for others to feel the same joy and satisfaction from becoming more conscious human beings.

Much love,


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