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I hope this message finds you all safe and healthy!

I want to update you on a project we've been involved in and we're very excited about called #FacesForThePeople. As a conscious platform we’ve been looking at ways to be of service to the community in meaningful ways, as well as to support the brands that form part of our boutique.

NoName.JustPeople is a Miami-based brand working with artisans and informal workers in Latin American that were greatly affected by COVID-19. In Latin America a large percentage of people live on their daily income and their now left without food/basic goods. This inspiring apparel and accessories brand is giving them work by making beautiful face masks which we’re now offering on the MODE Website. Additionally 80% of profits are being donated to local organizations in Latin America that are providing food and basic needs to people affected by the crisis.

We’ve also hosted a LIVE interview via our Instagram with Athina the co-founder of the brand, where she shared how being in Colombia right now she has been so moved by the fact that 5 to 6 times per days people come knocking on her door asking for food. This is what drove her to start the project, realizing how so many people in the world really live day by day.

Now more than ever we should unite as humans beings and see what we can do for others, as well as for our mother Earth that is asking us to take her of her. As consumers, we should think of where we cast our vote and what types of businesses we support. As businesses we should think of our supply chains, of the way we treat the people that work with us, of the effects of our business practices in the environment and in our society. Let’s hope this time has served as a reflection and hopefully allow us to come out of this crisis stronger and united.

NoName.JustPeople is not the only brand that has taken upon a face mask initiative. We're now offering a collection of different sustainable, organic, upcycled and recycled face masks on our site. I really do thing that face masks will become THE fashion statement piece in 2020. We should choose our face masks wisely and make them work for us and not against us. You can be very stylish wearing one trust me! If you're new to the world on sustainability at least you should consider buying one or two reusable, washable face masks. Disposable masks create lots of waste and they do not match any cute outfits...

Feel free to send us photos of your favorite clothes and we'll find you a matching mask!

Have a great one,




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