Demystifying Sustainability

Sustainability sounds like a fancy word, a complicated concept. One of the most often quoted definitions comes from the UN World Commission on Environment and Development: “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

It is not a trend that comes and goes.
It is not a cult.
It is not a competition.
It is not about the hippies, the vegans or the vegetarians.

Sustainability is about everyone.

It IS about helping, caring, and loving.
It IS about you, me, the earth, and the animals.
It IS about how climate change is a REAL thing.
It IS about our future living conditions.
It IS about a better world.
It IS about change, because if we don’t change in some way this planet will be devastated within a matter of years.

Sustainability is complex, yet so simple. It has many parts to it, yet the goal is clear.

So what can you do? There are some simple and other not so simple things. Each person is different, what is easier for one person might be very difficult for another. Whatever you do, make sure it is something you can commit to. Here are some ideas for you!

• Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
• Become more conscious about the products you are buying (look at the materials and ingredients, find brands that are committed to sustainability and transparency).
• Turn off the light when it is not needed, or go further and install solar panels in your home.
• Eat less meat, as the environmental footprint from meet consumption is huge. Maybe start by committing to eating vegan or vegetarian one day a week.
• Use your voice and your vote (Can you believe there are still people in power who deny climate change?)
• Drive less, car-pool or buy a more environmentally-friendly car.
• Support local and traditional farmers.
• Go plastic-free in little things, especially single-use plastics. You can switch to paper or metal straws, non-disposable cutlery, shampoo bars instead of bottles, tote bags instead of plastic bags… it’s the little things.
• Go zero-waste, or “lower-waste”.
• Practice minimalism. Many times, less is more.
• Start using natural cleaning and washing products in your home.

Hopefully we have inspired you to make some sort of small or big change to your life. Take it one step at a time if you feel like it’s too much. At MODE we want to inspire consciousness overall so that you enjoy the changes that you're making to improve your life and everyone else’s on this earth.
*Cough Cough*

Until next time #Revolutionnaires!

By: Nicole Castillo

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