• The (Not So Pretty) Truth About Your Sleepwear

    The (Not So Pretty) Truth About Your Sleepwear
    Hey Revolutionnaires You know I’m all about simple conscious habits and about shedding light on topics that we don’t often think about. Specially during these quarantine days and nights, I know a lot of us are spending many hours wearing sleepwear and loungewear. I really want for all of you to have sweet, healthy dreams and therefore to make you aware of the fact...
  • Faces For The People

    Faces For The People
    Hi Revolutionnaires I hope this message finds you all safe and healthy! I want to update you on a project we've been involved in and we're very excited about called #FacesForThePeople. As a conscious platform we’ve been looking at ways to be of service to the community in meaningful ways, as well as to support the brands that form part of our boutique. NoName.JustPeople...
  • Alpha Females Interview With Jetlagmode

    Alpha Females Interview With Jetlagmode
    Hi Revolutionnaires! I want to share with you an interview by one of our featured brands, JETLAGMODE. I think it's a great chance for you to get to know me a little better and why I started MODE. I hope you enjoy it!  Love, Cindy + JETLAGMODE: 1. Where do you come from and what is your background. + MODE REVOLUTION:  I am from...
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