Letter from Founder

Growing up in a more oblivious surrounding I never seemed to care enough to make compromises in my lifestyle to diminish our damage to this beautiful planet nor the ongoing humanitarian crisis. For many years I had been passionate about maintaining what I thought was an active, balanced and healthy lifestyle. I also estimated myself as a good human being

With more recent life events I entered a journey of mindfulness and spiritual awakening. I began to become more conscious of myself, my actions and my surroundings. Once you are awake you cannot go back to sleep and I could no longer continue living my life the same way. I now see life and wellness from a more holistic and unified point of view. I started to engage and to learn about sustainability and ethical production, realizing all the harm we are causing to our environment and in consequence to ourselves with pollution and highly questionable labor practices. We are already experiencing repercussions from our behavior including natural disasters, health hazards and other phenomenons.

If not for altruistic reasons, at least for selfish reasons we must start acting and taking measurements to reduce the harm to the Earth and mistreat of our fellow humans. For those who believe in karma, what goes around comes around. If we treat our planet and other people with love and fairness, we will receive love back. If we abuse and exploit our resources, sooner or later it will come back around.

All this being said, if every one of us make small yet meaningful changes, we could stop some of the nearly irreversible damage. I personally have not changed every aspect of my life, on contrary. When I first engaged in the world of sustainable practices I felt judged by some experts in the field which can be very discouraging. Sustainability can come at no or very little compromise. Every step in the right direction counts. My goal is to promote awareness while tolerating and respecting every individual, including the ones who do nothing. I was one of them not too long ago.